Video to CKEditor

In this workflow we will work with the AI Interpolator OpenAI module and its video to HTML rule, where we will take the a video and generate full working HTML.

The video in this example is "Drupal at Web Summit 2023" where Baddý Sonja Breidert, CEO of 1xInternet, talks about Drupal.

We will then give the following prompt to it: 
"Cut out between 4-6 images. Write 4 parts starting with a h2 header and between 2-4 paragraphs per parts. You can use the following other tags: strong, a, quote, pre, code, prequote and em.

Write it as a copywriter that wants to sell it to ad agencies. The person on stage is Baddý Sonja Breidert, CEO of 1xInternet. Write a story about how great Drupal is and how well she explained it.

Make sure that at least one image shows Baddý. If you want to show powerpoint slides, cut them out to only show the slide.

Also provide one selling quote from Baddý.

Give attribution to the video located at

If possible, organically link to"

And out comes a full editorialized HTML page, including cropped images and links.

This is built on Drupal - all open source and free, so feel free to do it after you see it here.