Transcribe audio and summarize

In this workflow, the process begins with an mp3 file featuring Damian Lewis's rendition of Antony's famous monologue from "Julius Caesar": "Friends, Romans, countrymen." This audio file is first uploaded into the system, where the AI Interpolator Deepgram module takes charge. Using its advanced audio processing capabilities, Deepgram transcribes the spoken words from the audio file, converting Antony's impassioned speech into a text format.

The monologue can be found here:

Once the transcription is complete, this raw, transcribed text is then fed into the AI Interpolator OpenAI module. The OpenAI algorithms, equipped with understanding the context and nuances of the text, proceed to distill Antony's lengthy and layered speech into a concise summary. This summary isn't just a shortened version, but a distilled representation of the core essence and meaning behind Antony's words, capturing what he truly intends to convey with his monologue. The outcome provides users with a quick and clear understanding of the monologue's primary message and sentiment.

The result is:

The person is thinking about the funeral of Caesar and the conflicting opinions of his ambition. They express their loyalty to Caesar and question the judgment of those who criticize him.