Dialogue from PDF

The combination of ConvertAPI, OpenAI, Elevenlabs, and FFMpeg modules enables a multi-step transformation of a PDF into an audio dialogue. Initially, the ConvertAPI module is utilized to transform the PDF content into text. This extracted text, now in a readable and editable format, serves as the base material for the subsequent steps.

With the text extracted, it's then processed through the AI Interpolator OpenAI module, which transforms the content into a dialogue format. The OpenAI algorithms structure the text into an interactive conversation, making it more engaging and dynamic.

The newly created dialogue is then fed into the Elevenlabs field module. Elevenlabs converts the dialogue into an audio file, providing an auditory rendition of the conversation. However, to refine and finalize the audio file, it’s then processed through FFMpeg. This additional step ensures the audio quality is optimized and the file is in the desired audio format, ready for listening. The end result is an accessible, audible conversation crafted from the original PDF content.