Custom Complex Fields

In this workflow, the initial step is the introduction of a substantial text blob, which contains the recipe of Gordon Ramsay's renowned Beef Wellington. This text, while informative, might lack the structured format desired for easy comprehension and reference.

To address this, the Custom Field module is employed. Within this module, a complex field is crafted, tailored to capture specific elements of a recipe. The design of this complex field encompasses separate segments for the unit (e.g., grams, tablespoons), amount (e.g., 2, 100), ingredient (e.g., beef, mushrooms), and any additional instructions or notes that are pertinent to the ingredient or the cooking step.

Once the complex field structure is set up, the large text blob containing the recipe is presented to the AI Interpolator OpenAI module. Leveraging its ability to understand and parse unstructured text, the module meticulously sifts through the Beef Wellington recipe. It identifies and extracts the various components, placing each in its respective segment within the complex field: unit, amount, ingredient, and extra instructions.

The final output is a neatly structured representation of Gordon Ramsay's Beef Wellington recipe, making it significantly more user-friendly and accessible. Every ingredient and its corresponding details are organized systematically, simplifying the cooking process for those referencing the recipe.