Automatic video editor

In this workflow we will use the AI Interpolator OpenAI module in Drupal to take a video and a prompt what you want to extract from the video and extract that into one concanatted file or multiple snippet files.

That way you can take a long video and say something like "Extract all the places where he talks about Microsoft" or "Get me all the scenes where there is a person with a flag in their hand" and you get video snippets back with this.

This is using FFmpeg together with OpenAI Vision and OpenAI Whisper to be able to read the videos. Then it asks for timestamps in the video and uses FFmpeg to extract this and save it back.

In the end we have created a search function for video, both on audio and the visual part. Neat isn't it.

The OpenAI cost for a 5 minute video is around 10 cents.