Automatic Podcast

This is an end to end workflow of setting up an automated Podcast where you don't have to touching anything.

It using the AI Interpolator module in Drupal together with OpenAI, Elevenlabs and ScrapingBot.

Its taking differente sources like Planet Drupal, Security Announcements, New Modules feed and scrapes the content via ScrapingBot to create context for the AI.

Then it uses OpenAI to ask for which of these makes sense to put in a Podcast and it also categorizes it for future personalized Podcasts.

After that it asks the editor to write a script and sends this of to Elevenlabs to generate the voices.

Last step it merges this with an intro song to give some coolness to the Podcast.

This would of course not be possible without great contrib modules like feeds and podcast.

Check the podcast out at:

Full Setup